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It's no surprise that the staff here at Kalos Press are fans of the writers we publish. But we don't just love reading their Kalos Press work, we love reading their work wherever it shows up!
And we love sharing it with you. So here, from around the web, are some of the latest articles and posts from our writers.

- From The Shooting Wire, Not Alone contributor Laurel Yoshimoto writes about law enforcement officers being light in a dark place: RESTMA: Riverside's Bright Light.

-From The Narrow Gait, Let Us Keep the Feast and Not Alone contributor Lindsay Marshall writes about following our Lord through pain: Brokenness.

-On a similar note, Margie Haack, author of God in the Sink, writes about the brokenness we bear in our bodies: While waiting for bone to knit.

-From author Jill Kemerer's website, General Editor Jessica Snell writes about the true story behind our most romantic holidays: The Love Behind St. Valentine's Day.

-From Nancy Nordenson, author of Finding Livelihood, a meditation on not quite being an expert: Writing from a messy room: on the authority to write.
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