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Writing in the cracks

Perhaps there are other writers who occasionally stop by this blog, so if you are, you might be interested in thinking about how the process of writing works for you. What motivates you?  How does your calling intersect with the rest of your life.  I was invited by Nancy Nordenson to join a "blog tour" (Nancy, btw, has a manuscript on work and leisure with Kalos right now.) so I was forced to review and reflect - why do I write?

Writing can be like pulling weeds from cracks in the sidewalk.

Here are the questions writers need to think about every once in awhile and a link to my blog where I try to answer them, or not. Writing in the cracks. (You can follow the links back and see how others are answering these questions.) 

1-What am I working on?
2-How does my work differ from others in its genre?
3-Why do I write what I do?
4-How does my writing process work?
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