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It's no surprise that the staff here at Kalos Press are fans of the writers we publish. But we don't just love reading their Kalos Press work, we love reading their work wherever it shows up!
And we love sharing it with you. So here, from around the web, are some of the latest articles and posts from our writers:

-From The Oasis BlogNot Alone contributor, Anna Moseley Gissing, writes about "Giving up 'busy' for Lent".

-From Carolyn Thomas, contributor to the upcoming Kalos Press title "Not Alone", a reflection on endings: "When the Wind Changes".

-Another "Not Alone" contributor, Anna Moseley Gissing, talks about "Giving Up Yes for Lent".  (Anna also contributed "Let Us Keep the Feast: Living the Church Year at Home".)

-Lisa Newton, also a contributor to "Not Alone", hosts a great interview with a pastor about "Church and Infertility".

-From Matt Redmond, author of "The God of the Mundane", a reflection on "The Bad and Good of a 'Messy' Christian Life".

-From Nancy Nordenson, author of the soon-to-be-released "Finding Livelihood", a grateful take on "What's right in healthcare".

And finally, we're very delighted to welcome a new author to the Kalos Press family: Alicia Brummeler, blogger at Always Orange!  Alicia's upcoming book is about finding God in every day life. Find out more about Alicia and her writing here, as she posts about "My Exciting Announcement: I Have a Book Deal!"

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