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Kalos Press—publishing poetry?

Since the beginning, we have been asked about publishing poetry. Initially, we knew that we weren't ready and turned it down outright. More recently, though, we have begun to reconsider it.

How does a publisher evaluate poetry for potential publication? This is a question we've asked ourselves and each other a number of times over the last year or so. Typically, it seems, publishers expect a certain percentage of the poems to have appeared in journals and other serial publications, which speaks both to the quality of the poems themselves and to the consistency of the poet.

However, one of the goals for Doulos Resources generally—and Kalos Press, too, more specifically—is to offer a voice to writers who do not have a voice. We won't compromise our commitments to quality and truthfulness (theological or otherwise) in striving to meet this goal, but it is an important goal to us nevertheless. How can we accommodate the need for adequate quality control and also meet this goal?

It seemed to us that the best way to do so would be to establish our own "peer review board" of sorts. So that is exactly what we've done! Henceforth, any proposals for poetry that we receive will be evaluated by our three-member Reading Panel, whose inaugural members are:
  • Daniel Bowman, Jr.—a poet, writer, and professor, Daniel teaches at Taylor University in Upland, IN; he has also taught at Monroe Community College and Houghton College. He and his wife live in Hartford City, IN. Learn more about Daniel at danielbowmanjr.com.
  • Luke Irwin—not surprisingly, also a poet and writer. Luke is a student at Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis. His work has appeared in The Curator, Pif Magazine, and others; also check out his book, A Bow from My Shadow.
  • Jennifer Strange—another poet, writer, editor, and lecturer, Jennifer is the Associate Editor for Art House America, as well as being a freelance editor and writer. Jennifer and her family live in Shreveport, LA. Learn more about Jennifer at Strangers in a Strange Land.

We are glad to be open, finally, to receiving queries about poetry. Learn more about our submissions process on our Submissions Information page.
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