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Cover for Margie Haack's new book!

We're excited to reveal the cover design for Margie Haack's new book, God in the Sink: Essays from Toad Hall—which will be released later this fall.

Margie's essays have long been a staple of regular reading for subscribers of her newsletter (until very recently called Notes from Toad Hall—now known as Letters from the House In Between). Now you'll have 22 of her favorite essays, spanning more than 30 years of writing, in one delightful collection!

God in the Sink touches on a wide array of topics, and in these essays you will see through Margie's eyes how God is at work in and through everyday life. With the realness and self-effacing humor she has become known for, Margie will guide you through experiences in her life that have taught her much—in turn, teaching you to see God more clearly in your own life.

For more information, check out the book's page here!

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