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CFS: essays on infertility and miscarriage

Early in the life of Kalos Press, we announced a call for submissions for a project that we hoped to develop on the topics of infertility, miscarriage, and adoption. We received some interest, but the project struggled to get off the ground. Our interest in this project hasn't ceased, though, and we've renewed our attention to it with the hope of seeing it come to life soon.

We are seeking essays on the topics of infertility and miscarriage, specifically focusing on personal experiences with either or both of these topics.

The book will be devotional/Christian Reflection in style and may be written in a first-person point of view. This project will address the topics from all stages: the early lost, confused, hurt parts; the boiling anger that comes; the moments of joy in the midst that surprise us; the exhaustion and apathy that some deal with; the redemptive work of God in and through impossibly hard times; etc.

We are also interested to see submitters address things they know now that they wish someone could have shared with them. Our goal is to provide a resource for people who are struggling; it won't necessarily make anyone feel better or always offer counsel/advice, but it could assuage some of the sense of isolation. We want to offer a literary companion to others on the sometimes-lonely path that these issues require.

Essays should be 1500-2500 words; for more information about style, formatting, etc., visit our Submissions page. Submitters should recognize that this will be a Christian publication from a Christian press; this does not require absolute conformity to our theological commitments, but at least agreement and commitment to the Apostles' Creed and Nicene Creed are expected. All submissions are subject to acceptance.

For more information and/or to submit an essay, contact the project's editor, Jessica Snell. Submissions will be due by June 1, 2014.
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