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Praise for Margie Haack's "God in the Sink"!

The kind folks over at the Hearts & Minds bookstore blog have posted a lovely review of Margie Haack's new book, God in the Sink: Essays from Toad Hall. Here's a small excerpt:

I wish I could cite excerpts from each of these essays but this review would be too, too long if I started. I want to press this into your hands, invite you to press it into the hands of others. I suppose women who do behind the scenes family stuff may be the primary audience, but I certainly hope you don't think that it is exclusively for women or homemakers or those involved in this kind of ministry. This book is certainly for anyone, reflections about finding God in the ordinary, the hidden art of finding the joy of living; a way of seeing, even.
Please go on over to Hearts & Minds to read the rest!

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