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Marketing with integrity

I am ill-fitted for promoting and selling books. Especially one I have written. In general, if I want to become depressed I only need to try to market something. Anything. When people ask to buy my book I fight the urge to say, no, please, let me pay you or at the least let me give this to you. Mostly, I just want the thing to sell itself, but that is not going to happen in this life. So when a blog post popped up in my email, I took a look at it because the title intrigued me. The post was titled "How to Market a Book with Integrity: A Christian Author's Struggle"  it was a guest post  by one of the authors of On Being a Writer: 12 Simple Habits for a Writing Life that Lasts

In reading and thinking about this post I garnered some new ideas about how to promote a book and some help with my perennially bad attitude. So if you are a writer and happen feel a little slimy about selling, as I do, then this might encourage you, too.

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